Wayne + Jeff

Wayne Emerson is a painter and textile artist who has exhibited work for over 20 years in Wagga Wagga.

Jeff McCann is an emerging contemporary product designer and illustrator who has his own label called Cardigan Threads Collective which focuses on handmade, sustainable design and craftsmanship, ultilising discarded or recycled material, cardboard, fabrics and old clothing.

Wayne and Jeff have created a series of three large cardboard panels based on animals and gardens. Both artists have a love for animals and nature and this connection has led them to explore portraits of their pets past and present through drawings using colourful patterns, simple line work and collage. Their series of work is tied together through the repeated theme of the sculptural flowers and tangle of woollen vine.

Both Wayne and Jeff have a graphic design element to their practice and their individual styles are merged together in the panels with the artists drawing around each other’s original pictures to create a quirky, unique and ephemeral artwork.