8 artists logo wayne emerson and jeff mccann angela coombs matthews and kellie hulk vic mcewan and scott lea jacqui meyers and julia davies


The Riverina is full of creative people.

On still days you can hear the hum and buzz of the collective imagination ticking and turning with new ideas. The vast horizons and clean air make this environment so conducive for creative output. In my position at Eastern Riverina Arts I have the pleasure of continual conversations with artists and arts lovers who are working to create this hum and buzz.

8 Artists was born through listening and from many conversations.

It’s about a deeper conversation between artists with and without disability in the Riverina. It’s about artists working together to explore each others’ visual language to create something new and interesting.

At the moment there is a clear shift internationally in how disability arts is being presented. Amongst this there are amazing Australian artists developing, devising and participating in professional practice who are recognised for their outstanding ability and unique insight.

8 Artists is a part of this shifting movement by presenting a contemporary art exhibition with exciting new work from emerging and established artists.

Over the past 10 months it has been a slow dance in four vignettes; a proposal, an exchange, the creation and finally exhibition.

The artists were initially brought together for their similar sensibility or complimentary practice and over the duration of the project the two artists continued working together because they liked the discoveries made through collaborating. It has been a very easy journey working with Wayne, Jeff, Angela, Kellie, Vic, Scott, Jacqui and Julia, but that’s not surprising.

Individually they are all very humble and live their desire to make and create.  There have been many people who have supported the artists and project along the way and we thank you. But right now it’s time to enjoy the beautiful art, explore the website and have a little slow dance with your eyes.

Sarah McEwan
Curator of 8 Artists